Product Science: LGQX

The science behind LGQX begins with a story from the mountains of Italy where scientists in the 1980s discovered a community with 300 people over the age of 100. The scientists discovered that the most important nutrients for one’s body were the missing ones from people’s diet. This may be the secret of high longevity of this Italian farmers’ community and the nutritional value of the unique extract combinations that are present in LGQX.

LGQX was designed with PEC technology (partial extract combinations) to allow these nutrients to be delivered to the body by a simple spray without having to live in certain parts of the world where these nutrients are available.
What are the most important nutrients for your body? The answer is… the ones you do not receive through your diet or supplements!

LGQX is a secret formula developed from partial extract combinations researched and developed since World War I. This secret formula has been described as Chinese medicine in high tech clothing; our bodies need the right nutrients and almost everyone has heard about the Mediterranean Diet for its nutritional value, but who has time to go shopping for the right fruits, plants, and vegetables, or time to spend in a restaurant 24 hours a day that serve these?

Our answer at Wellness Research Group International is LGQX: Simply spray 4 sprays every day in your mouth 15 minutes before your largest meal and this allows the body to receive the nutrients it needs without the hassle of finding the right diet plan or restaurants. 1 spray bottle will last 30 days at that rate of use. The main concern for better health is the narrowing of arteries and other vessels in the body; LGQX helps the body to open the vessels up, so that the blood can deliver these nutrients in a precise and targeted way which affects the entire internal anti-ageing process.

We have a simple way to get started as a participant at $65 a month plus shipping and handling (or about $2.50 a day) and by helping two others find this new technology, it comes at $20 a month plus shipping and handling (or about $1 a day), which is less than the price of a cup of coffee. I encourage you to get to know us and find out what LGQX is doing for others.

Just simply go to our fan page… When the body and mind receive the right nutrients with enough blood flow through the vessels, everything changes. Because life is in the blood!