The major step in understanding aging and related illnesses was represented by the creation of the INSTITUTE OF GERONTOLOGY in the mid-1950s, located in Bucharest, Romania. The worldwide known Professor Dr. Ana Aslan became the Director of that institute and remained the leader for more than 4 decades. The “secret” of increased longevity was properly demonstrated on countless cases . The major achievement represented the controlled reduction of inflammation. The best anti-inflammatory product used at that time, GEROVITAL, used Procaine as the base, but in a better form.

Liquid Gold QX, using an improved, much safer technology may be the answer for the body’s understanding of how to utilize anti-inflammatory properties. The European scientists, after many years of research and tests were able to eliminate completely all man-made molecules, so a safe, effective, no side effects with “0.00% synthetic composition product” started to show the results among Americans.

The effects of inflammation on the human body has been well known and debated for decades. A safe anti-inflammatory looked like a dream, but now it is already a reality. THERE IS NO SAFE SYNTHETIC ANTI INFLAMMATORY DRUG!

The next step to avoid fast aging came up in 2009 when three researchers were NOBEL PRIZE awarded for using DNA TEST (on TELOMERES) for biological age evaluation. This was a good tool to demonstrate the “biological age reversed” developed also by the European scientists using SELF STEM CELL ADVANCED TECHS. If Liquid Gold Qx acts like a toxin neutralizer that allows the body to diminish inflammation throughout the entire body, the new technology SSC ADVATECHS made a big step forward by activating the immune system to eliminate the “faster aging cells” at a higher rate. This way, the “biochemical signal” signals the need for the stem cells to replace the faster aging cells. The final step was achieved by a powerful computerized system that formulated the “perfect nutritional support” for the new, healthy stem cells to grow and to replace the old, fast aging cells. Many of the “ traditionally used plants for longevity” were intensively studied as well.

iHeRQles is based on the ultimate, most advanced nutritional support using a computer assisted combination of plant extracts (partial extracts). This product offers a safe way for a possibly longer life. It is obvious that all devastating, debilitating illnesses are directly related to early age inflammation and impaired microcirculation due to fast aging cells. Most of the neurological issues should be treated first as inflammation/ circulatory system problem.

iHeRQles is a major breakthrough in age related issues! … take advantage of something unprecedented!

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