Real Evidence

Because the wind blows and the water still flows…

Pesticides can contaminate groundwater. They can reach water-bearing aquifers below ground from applications onto crop fields, seepage of contaminated surface water, accidental spills and leaks, improper disposal, and even through injection waste material into wells. Many pesticides and herbicides have been formulated to be absorbed on contact. Pesticides and herbicides can also be harmful if breathed or eaten. Unfortunately, whatever is lethal to a pest or a weed will usually cause illness in human adults and even more severe symptoms in children and pets.
What is the meaning of GMO?
A genetically modified organism or ‘GMO’ is any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques.
96% of all corn production is GMO. This has become common practice in the food supply chain.
When food distributors apply yet another layer of wax to these fruits and vegetables to preserve them for shipping, Dr. Jeffrey Jenkins, director of the National Pesticide Information Center said, “that kind of seals in the residues, and all the washing in the world probably isn’t going to have much effect on removing them.”